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Meet Steve

Steve is a teacher at heart, with over 30 years of painting and teaching experience. His goal is to provide each customer with a customized one-on-one experience in achieving their vision. Regardless of who is watching, Steve is always out to set the industry standard at the highest possible level.

  A Word From Steve...

"I enjoy the teaching process and the responsibility of my students’ success. I have found that teaching experience lends itself perfectly to The Painting Coach."

Steve Adickes






Dedicated to sharing his award-winning interior design painting techniques you can expect to work side by side with Steve Adickes, owner of Adix Painting. Throughout this experience you will understand the importance of proper paint preparation, using quality materials and the basics of painting application. Whether working with you, your interior designer or contractor, Steve will breakdown and assign roles to keep the day moving smoothly.


Adix Painting, Inc.

Adix Painting is an award winning residential design painting company located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our approach is unlike traditional painting companies – a majority of our services lay the groundwork to restore or transform your home. From consultation, design and material selection to construction and painting preparation,

we make sure your home is magazine cover quality.

About The Owner

Steve Adickes

I grew up in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, served in the USAF as an aircraft mechanic and have lived in Phoenix since 1979. I was a Physical Education teacher with the Peoria Unified School District, and that's where my painting career began. I began working during the summer with my neighbor’s painting company. I learned the painting trade and became a professional, custom, quality painter. 

I continue to operate a professional business and have built my business on return customers. I am particularly skilled in dry-wall repair and custom painting systems and techniques. I taught Physical Education to kindergarten through eighth grades for 11 years. In addition, during my teaching tenure,

I coached basketball, track, cross country, and volleyball at the high school and junior high levels.

The teaching process and the responsibility of my students’ success is very enjoyable to me. I have found that teaching experience lends itself perfectly to The Painting Coach. Patience and good teaching skills are paramount in providing knowledge and assistance to my clients. One of my greatest joys in this business is the return business that I get from my customers. The reasons for painting are preservation, decoration, and sanitation. When returning to painting projects we see the longevity of the painting systems applied, especially exterior systems.

The van organization plan

The Upfit

Steve Adickes was picked by the APC, who partnered with Adrian Steel and Commercial Van Interiors, to customize his van from front to back and top to bottom. Check out the 3 part series for a behind the scenes look into the organization he can now bring to every job!

Fit your whip

The organized van


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