Specialized painting services for your unique project.

Working to bring the most out of your home, every step of the way.

Painting is just the beginning.

Adix Painting is designed to work with you hand-in-hand. From a full remodel or restoration to a standard exterior or interior painting project, we will provide a step-by-step breakdown of each phase of the project. See more on the unique and custom process which makes Adix Painting an award winning design solution.

Specializing In


Each project is unique. We understand your vision, then provide a detailed roadmap to complete the project.


Whether you provide materials or we're providing them, we always recommend the best project materials for the job.

Custom Homes

Working with the homeowner, or completing the entire project for you, we seek to educate and keep you in the know.


All our work is warrantied for three years, most of our painting systems are guaranteed for up to 10+ years.

Our Process

Every project is unique; however, our dedication to excellence remains the same – no matter the size. From the time we begin till the time we leave, we involve you each step of the way. Our process ensures the job is completed at the highest level with everyone on the same page.

Step 1
Discuss the project to access the needed skill level, Adix’s role and owners role, then develop a project completion plan.
Step 2
Educate customer about color choices and various materials including primers, paints, epoxies, etc. Adix will also offer to provide all needed materials or we are flexible to work with your designer and pre-purchased materials.
Step 3
If we are working alongside you in our “shoulder-to-shoulder” service, or if we are contracted to complete the project for you, we will be educating you each step of the way, including a detailed breakdown of all project activities.
Step 4​
Final walkthrough is completed at which time homeowner can provide any additional project feedback. Touch-up materials are provided. Follow-up schedule is recommended to inspect paint durability.

Our CompanY Promise

By providing a level of service using best practices and products, adding a higher level of value to your home and property.  Together we strategize the best products and practices with your goals as our focus.


Production will not compromise quality.  Truth, transparency, trust, and tenacity is used to tackle every step of the project.


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