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Sun Lakes Project

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

I Pressure washed exposed failing paint on garage door, fascia above and west side. Fascia was sealed/primed then floated with elastomeric fillers. Behive and grill area was completely primed with Super Loc bonding primer, all cracked filled with elostomeric products. Larger cracks filled with Fuzz-it before texture patch applied. Complete stucco failure from water leak along stem wall was primed re-stuccoed , primed and repainted. Patio ceiling cracks were addressed by securing sheet rock, pulling old tapes and seating new. Patio ceiling where drywall meets stucco was cut out, primed in corners, re-caulked with urethane based caulk. The house was two coated with Dunn Edward Evershield 30 (eggshell) Rain gutters, fascia boards, entry area ceilings and garage door color is DEC737 Jakarta. The body, soffits and beehive have two coats Evershield 30. DEC716, Stonish Beige. The security door system was removed, rust treated and repainted with DE Aristoshield, eggshell, Jakarta.

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